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Mr. Sander Gelsing is an intellectual property lawyer and a registered Canadian patent and trademark agent, serving clients in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Canada and abroad.

He is dedicated to helping inventors and companies with patent, trademark and copyright issues – to protect their innovation. He’s a partner with the law firm of Warren Sinclair LLP located in downtown Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. He also assist foreign clients in numerous countries across the globe with their Canadian patents and trademarks.

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What is a Patent

A patent is the grant to a patentee, or inventor, of an exclusive right, privilege and liberty of making, constructing or using the invention and selling it to others to be used.

In Canada the legal owner of an invention can obtain a patent by submitting a patent application and the appropriate fee to the Commissioner of Patents at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. This application will then be rigorously reviewed (i.e. examined) by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

Patent agents, which are professionals with experience in drafting applications and navigating the patent process, can often make this application process much easier and help ensure that you get all of the rights to which you are entitled. [Read More…]


What is a Trademark

A trade-mark can consist of a word, slogan, logo, symbol, design or any combination thereof, adopted and used by a manufacturer or merchant to identify his or her goods or services and to distinguish them from those manufactured and sold by others. Examples are everywhere you look: the words “Coca Cola” and the Nike “swoosh” are but just two.

It is the “good will” which gives a trade-mark value and keeps the consumers interested in purchasing one manufacturer’s products over another. A trade-mark generally indicates the source of the goods and services, although it may also indicate that the goods or services meet the same standard of quality as all other goods or services associated with the mark. [Read More…]

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