No Poppy for you!

Both CBC and the Edmonton Sun reported today about the Royal Canadian Legion coming down on Bourque Newswatch for use of the Legion’s trade-marked poppy image.

Actually the Royal Canadian Legion has a number of trade-marked poppy designs and even has additional protection under an Act Respecting the Royal Canadian Legion (see here for one example).

Bourque Newswatch explained that it was simply promoting Remembrance Week and switched to using the British poppy which, which the Royal British Legion is encouraging all to download:

Support The Poppy Appeal 2005

Although I think that there were certainly good intentions on the part of Bourque, I can understand the concern a trade-mark owner might have about use of its mark without consent or control.

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The Globe & Mail reports that, like many Canadians, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper has trouble holding on to his plastic red poppy because the straight pin that is provided with the flower usually doesn’t work very well.

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