Not even the Dark Side could help Lego

Following up on my previous post, there is a good summary article of the Lego v. Mega Blocks case in today’s Globe & Mail entitled A patently important Canadian court decision.

According to the article Lego mounted a fairly creative and aggressive legal battle against Mega Blocks - at one point even placing a life-sized Darth Vader, fashioned out of Lego blocks, alongside its lawyers at the plaintiff table in Federal Court in 2001. Lego’s lawyer, Robert MacFarlane is quoted as saying: “I told the court he wouldn’t be speaking, but he might try mind manipulation”.

Although the dark side didn’t help Lego (maybe they should have fashioned a life-sized Yoda figure instead) and the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in favour of Mega Block, Mr. MacFarlane stated that prolonged legal challenge was a marketing success. “All the publicity that the case generated will let people know that there is a difference between Lego and Mega Bloks.”

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