Sam Bulte’s Comments Create Controversy

I’ve been staying out of the whole Sam Bulte / copyright lobby fundraiser controversy, mainly because I feel that Michael Geist has done an excellent job covering this and also because it is more of a political issue, rather than legal one.

Now, however, it appears that Ms. Bulte has resorted to a bit of name calling (somewhat reminiscent of CRIA’s suggestion last summer that Professor Geist has an on-going vendetta against the record industry; see my previous post).

In response to a question about whether she would take the Copyright Pledge, Ms. Bulte apparently answered that she would not to allow “Michael Geist and his pro-user zealots and Electronic Frontier Foundation members” to “intimidate her”. See the video and an earlier posting on BoingBoing.

I feel that personal attacks on someone, as opposed to debating the issues based on facts or reason, demonstrates a certain level of desperation. Like Rob Hyndman, I believe that Michael Geist is a well-informed commentator on these issues and I’m glad that he’s doing his best to ensure that Canadians understand the various policy implications of our copyright law (especially so in light of the upcoming Federal election).

For Michael’s response to Sam Bulte’s “zealot” characterization see his recent post.

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