Captain Copyright - The Continuing Saga

For some updates on the Captain Copyright saga, see:

  • Michael Geist’s recent post - noting that Access Copyright seemingly edits the site on the fly as the criticism mounts (actually, that’s probably better than leaving potentially incorrect content on their website), that the concept of Captain Copyright may not be original and that the Vancouver School Board has dropped its link to Captain Copyright;
  • Friday’s article on - which provides a somewhat balanced view of this evolving story and actually has some quotes from Access Copyright; and
  • Matthew Skala’s posting which is updated frequently.

PS - Captain Copyright’s linking policy has now been updated (apparently a couple of times now, first inserting a bit about moral rights and then removing it).

Update (July 13th): - See also Michael’s detailed post about the linking policy, the various changes and why it probably isn’t enforceable (Toronto Start version here).

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