New Discovery Channel (Canada) Series on Odd Patents

Apparently the Discovery Channel will be running a new 11-episode series starting this month called “Patent Bending: Mad Ideas and Modern Science.”

The Discover Channel’s Patent Bending team scours books of patents from the past 100 years to find the seemingly greatest, strangest or most fantastically odd ideas that never got off the page. The team will build invention according to the patent, test it and then figure out why it never worked. The first episode, airing Aug. 22th at 8:30 p.m. ET/11:30 p.m. PT, is entitled “Bicycle Lawnmower”.

Bicycle Lawnmower

I can’t wait until episode 7, entitled - “The Mancatcher”, where the Patent Benders make a long-armed, motorized mechanical security guard unit designed to catch bank robbers in the act. Apparently, they’ll be testing the contraption on some modern day gun-toting gangsters.

Man Catching Tank

Via The Patent Librarian.

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