Patent for Rubberband Guy

Apparently a couple of months ago, the USPTO issued a design patent for a Homunculus Constructed from Common Rubberbands (the word Homunculus is Latin for “little man”).

Rubberband Man

I wonder where one can buy these Homunculi? Hmmm, maybe try Only $16.95 Canada.

The little Rubberband Homunculus reminds me of the large blue rubberband ball that our receptionist has created.

Rubberband Ball

She’s put about a decade seventeen years worth of work into that thing, slowly and carefully adding a few rubberbands per day (the blue rubberbands come to us from Canada Post, which uses them to bind our mail). Her rubberband ball is approaching the size of a basketball and probably weighs a good 10 to 15 pounds. Based on my calculations it has over 10,000 rubber bands. I like it, can you tell?

Via Patently Silly.

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