Fun Trade-marks

This week’s Trade-marks Journal (link to pdf) had a few amusing and interesting trade-mark applications advertised, including:

BIKER MICE FROM MARS - 1,258,883, by Brentwood Television Funnies, Inc. in relation to a variety of wares and services, including the provision of animated television programs. See the official TV Series website here and the wikipedia entry here. Wonder if this application will get opposed like their earlier 1993 application did;

LOOK BETTER NAKED - 1,278,176, by Shane Miller of Ottawa in relation to a variety of wares and services, including strength training programs, nutrition planning, nutrition seminars. A quick Google reveals that there is apparently also a personal training studio in Vancouver, B.C. called “Look Better Naked Body Shop“; and

I AM CANINE-DIAN & Design - 1,295,700, by Charlene Stillings in relation to pet treats and pet accessories. Remember that her earlier, word-mark application, was Opposed by Molson Canada (opposition now removed and application now registered).

Also advertised in the Journal today was the application by Real Time News Corporation for the mark LAW DAY (1,279,189) as used in association with daily newspapers relating to legal issues. See their online website here. As with their other applications, i.e. LAWDAILY and LAWTODAY, I expect that the Canadian Bar Association will also oppose this one; presumably based on the CBA’s national LAW DAY event.

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