More on Patenting One’s Godly Powers

Further to my earlier posting, about patenting one’s Godly Power’s, I just received a nice email from Scott Davidson at Furman Kallio.

Scott noted that Chris Roller, the inventor of that U.S. patent application, has his own website at where the inventor mentions his pending patent application (along with an opportunity to have one’s sins forgiven for only 10% of one’s net worth).

Further, it was pointed out to me that Mr. Roller also appears to have sued David Copperfield for usurping his godly powers (see Copperfield’s Memorandum in Support of its Motion to Dismiss (pdf document)). Maybe this will turn into a patent infringement suit, once Mr. Roller obtains his U.S. patent.

I also did a quick CIPO patent search, but it doesn’t looks like Mr. Roller filed a corresponding patent application here in Canada. But perhaps his godly powers will let him overcome the priority date deadline he’s apparently missed.

Then there is also the public disclosure / 1 year grace period deadline that could bar him from obtaining a patent in Canada. I note that U.S. Patent Application 11/161,345 “Godly Powers” was published on February 15, 2007. Assuming that Mr. Roller kept his Godly Powers a secret until after publication of his U.S. patent application, i.e. that this publication is the earliest public disclosure of his invention, then he would still have until February 15, 2008 to file his corresponding Canadian application.

Thanks Scott, for pointing out some of the details behind this patent application.

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