“freePat” is back (sort of)

Those of you familiar with the patent downloader called freePat may have noticed that this program ceased working sometime in May of this year. Actually, I think it also went down briefly last winter for a bit.

freePat can download US, European, PCT, Canadian, French, German and UK patents to your computer as a single PDF file. It’s one of the very few free downloaders that handles Canadian patent publications.

Anyway, it turned out that the program requires the domain www.intelprop.ca to be an active domain (so it can check for updates). The author of freePat, Mr. Peter Eliopoulos, had let that domain lapse which caused freePat to stop functioning. Anyway long story short, I reactivated the domain and it now at least my copy of freePat works again. For details see here.

If this domain reactivation has helped you get your copy of freePat to work again, kindly send me an email at: sgelsing@gelsing.ca.

Do note that I make absolutely no warranties or represenations regarding freePat, it’s not my software. For the same reasons, I do not provide techinical support for freePat.

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