Leopard and the Tao of Steve

Rob Hyndman, in his post entitled Your Leopard is Eating My Self-Esteem, comments on the flurry of comments he received on his previous post yesterday (81 comments at the time of writing) and how it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that some folks have too much of their self-esteem tied up in their choice to use a Macintosh computer. Actually, I think Apple now just calls them Macs (must be a remnant of my 1984 Macintosh pioneer days).

Rob notes that, in one sense, this phenomenon is a miracle of branding and a remarkable accomplishment by Apple. David Canton comments, that it seems like Apple has gone beyond a brand to become a (pick 1): cult, political cause, religion.

Not surprising really, considering the Evangelism marketing used in the past, and perhaps still, by Apple.

Apple’s Canadian trade-mark application for LEOPARD (currently allowed) can be found here.

Also have a glance at The Tao of Steve, an article last month by Elizabeth Spiers, which contains her musings as to the real reason we keep buying Apple products.

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