Interesting TM Oppositions

In addition to my periodic postings about fun trade-marks, I thought it might also be amusing to see what new trade-mark oppositions are being filed.

Looking back through CIPO’s database for the last couple of weeks, I note the following interesting new oppositions and proposed oppositions:

FACEBOX - 1,316,122, by Incrowd B.V.B.A. for an on-line community services website, namely on-line chat room. Good thing they’ve renamed themselves Netlog, but I still see why the opponent, Facebook Inc., jumped all over this application.

INK YOUR RIDE - 1,325,772, by Mark Dorey and Jason Farren carrying on business in partnership as Eminent Custom Graphics for application of graphic designs on motor vehicles material. Check out their website I can see why opponent Viacom International Inc. opposed this (i.e. their PIMP MY RIDE registration and their ongoing series on MTV), but I also see room to argue that there is no likelihood of confusion.

CHEERS & Design - 1,120,929. First of, wow!, this application by CBS Studios Inc. for use of their well know Cheers logo in relation to actual restaurant and bar services since 1994 (as opposed to a tv series about a bar) took almost six (6) years to get from filing to advertisement in the Trade-marks Journal. I suspect mostly due to delay to try to get consent from the Province of B.C. who has the Official Mark for CHEERS. Now, after being advertised, it finds itself in a Proposed Opposition by Cheers Bar Services Inc., perhaps the same as this company.

On a more local level, Calgary based SwizzleSticks hair salon and spa is also facing a Proposed Opposition to their application for SWIZZLESTICKS - 1,304,761, by a yet to be identified opponent. Back when I lived in Calgary, I used to drive by this hair salon located in the trendy Kensington area. As far as I know, the salon has been around for quite a long time (the application claims since 1982) and the application isn’t overly broad (mind you, it does contain claims beyond hair care services and goes into services such as lifestyle, career and business coaching, psychology services, valet parking and day care services, all since 1982). So I’m mostly at a loss to see what basis this potential opponent might have against this well established business.

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