Fun Trade-marks

Yesterday’s Trade-marks Journal had a number of amusing trade-mark applications advertised, including:

NUDIE - 1,222,240. Not only does this trade-mark sound naughty, the application is for a very extensive list of wares and services, ranging from beer, to plants, to chow mein, to breads, to poultry, to party hats, to surfboards, to wallets, to televisions, to scuba flippers, to Christmas decorations, to mail order and Internet sales services, to office administration services, to… the list goes on and on. All based on proposed use, mind you;

PeePees-N-More - 1,232,562. This one is also for proposed use for disposable dog diapers for puppies or bitches in heat. I wonder if there may not be some confusion with PEE-PEE TEEPEE. Too bad that the right to the exclusive use of the word PEE PEE was disclaimed in the latter registration; and

EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN - 1,232,532. Again an application based on proposed use and for things like dinner ware, home decor items, and operation of retail department stores.

Not quite “everything” under the sun, unlike perhaps NUDIE above, but there is also the claim for “publication and dissemination of editorial, advertising, entertainment, information and news content through print media and the Internet”.

Hhmmm, I wonder if Russ Krajec should be worried about confusion with his wonderful blog “Anything Under the Sun Made By Man”.

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