Copyright, copyright and more copyright

As Michael Geist observes in his article Camping out for copyright in today’s “there’s something happening here”.

Mr. Geist notes that we appear to be in the midst of profound changes in the way people access, distribute, and create content, that it has significant implications for how we define the stakeholders in the copyright debate and that it is creating an intense interest by the various stakeholders and groups.

As example he points out that in the U.S. people lined up, braving a cold Washington, D.C. night, in order to attend the MGM v. Grokster hearing. Likewise in Canada, our government’s announcement last month on the plans for copyright reform was greeted with headlines from coast-to-coast (see also my recent posts, here, here, here and here).

Just now reports that earlier today MP Peter Julian introduced a batch of signatures for the Petition for Users Rights in parliament.

All this for a statement of intent on what the reforms will be. It’s not like the Canadian government has enacted a new law or even introduced a bill. Indeed, there is something happening here.

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