Canada Patent and Trademark Filings – for Foreign Associates


Does your client need to file a Canadian patent or trademark application? If so, we can help!

Our team assists numerous foreign law firms worldwide to obtain patent and trademark registrations in Canada for their clients. We provide cost effective Canadian filing and prosecution solutions. Our fees are reviewed annually to confirm that they remain very favorable compared to other local firms.

If you have a case for filing, or want a copy of our current Canadian Fee Schedule, please:

Our internal docketing system is also regularly examined to ensure that our service is prompt and efficient, even with increasing workloads. Deadline items and priority filing dates are given the utmost importance. If the matter is complex, please note that we gladly handle patent appeal order amoxil online board cases, trademark opposition work and trademark cancellation proceedings.

Our lawyers, agents and paralegals are appropriately licensed and regularly take continuing education courses and seminars to stay on top of the latest developments in Canadian patent and trademark law, including courses offered by the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada.

Our Intellectual Property Team is supervised by Mr. Sander Gelsing, who is a lawyer, registered patent agent and registered trademark agent. Mr. Gelsing has over twelve years experience in Canadian patent and trademark law. He is also a registered U.S. patent agent and recognized to represent Canadian residents at the U.S.P.T.O. in trademark matters

We are members of INTA (International Trademark Association) and IPIC (Intellectual Property Institute of Canada). This allows us to stay updated on the latest developments in trademark law and to network with trademark practitioners world-wide.