Canadian Representative for Service – Foreign Inventors


For many years, section 29 of the Canadian Patent Act required that a foreign (non-Canadian) patent applicant appoint a legal representative in Canada. Although this was not of concern to our foreign clients, because we act as their Canadian legal representative, it often was a problem for self-filed (pro-se) foreign inventors [Read more…]

Costs of Patent Applications


Hiring a patent agent to help with a patent application is very expensive. Typical costs are $10,000 or more to prepare a single patent application. Additional costs are incurred afterwards to prosecute the application, including dealing with objections and refusals from the Patent Office. By the time it is all said and done, a patent might cost $20,000 or more. Filing in other countries will add to the costs, especially if there are translation costs.

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Trade Names and Corporate Names versus Trade-marks


In Alberta, having a provincial trade name registration does NOT give a person any real legal basis for intellectual property ownership rights to that name. The same goes, for the most part, for incorporating under a particular corporate name.

Trade Names:

In Alberta, trade names are registered under the Partnership Act. Service Alberta clearly states on their website (bottom paragraph) that: “… [t]here is no requirement under the Partnership Act for a business name to be unique – duplicate business names may exist. Registration of a business name does not grant any right to ownership of the name…”

Below are some points that highlight the difference between a trade name declaration filed with Alberta Registry and a federally registered trademark: [Read more…]

Canada Patent and Trademark Filings – for Foreign Associates


Does your client need to file a Canadian patent or trademark application? If so, we can help!

Our team assists numerous foreign law firms worldwide to obtain patent and trademark registrations in Canada for their clients. We provide cost effective Canadian filing and prosecution solutions. Our fees are reviewed annually to confirm that they remain very favorable compared to other local firms. [Read more…]

Oilfield Patents


The Financial Post, in their article “The energy patent gold mine”, reported that there is a surge in oil patents which may signal a coming ‘tsunami’ of oilfield litigation. Schlumberger Ltd., Halliburton Co. and Baker Hughes Inc., the world’s largest oil service providers, reportedly secured a total of 1,257 patents in the United States in 2013, more than twice the annual number of ten years earlier. It was also noted that the past three years, Exxon Mobil Corp. doubled its revenue from technology it licenses to others. [Read more…]

Chinese Domain Name Email


I often have a client ask me about an email solicitation that they’ve received from a domain name company in China. They’re asking me if the email is legitimate and whether they need to be worried about it, or if they need to take some kind of action.

Typically this email solicitation mentions the client’s domain name or trademark and then states that some other company in China wants to register a dot-CN equivalent. [Read more…]